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About the FWPD Pipe and Drum Brigade

Bagpipes have long been associated with the police and fire services. The great immigrations of the 1800 and 1900ís brought large numbers of Scots, Irish, Welsh, and others of Celtic origin into the United States. Many of these immigrants settled into the urban areas. It was these large urban areas that first started professional police and fire departments, and many of the officers were of Celtic ancestry.

These officers brought into the police and fire services many of the habits and customs from the old countries police and fire departments, one being the bagpipe. These officers wished to further the honor, and integrity of the police and fire services as well as their communities, by using their talents as pipers and drummers.

The Fort Wayne Police Pipe and Drum Brigade was founded in 2004 to honor the duty of our fallen comrades. We have been privileged to participate in the honor ceremonies of fallen Heroes to include Police Officers, Firefighters, Military and Dignitaries.

The Fort Wayne Police Pipe and Drum Brigade is comprised of active Fort Wayne Police Officers making us one of only a handful of Police Pipe and Drum Bands in the entire world that is made up completely of its own rank and file. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and work in a variety of divisions assigned as patrol officers, K-9 officers, academy staff, detectives and other units of the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Our members continue to show their pride and selfless dedication to the band in countless parades, memorial services, civic events and charity functions. The Fort Wayne Police Pipe and Drum Brigade wear the Scottish National Tartan and are solely funded by donations and sponsors.

We are available for hire for a variety of events such as weddings, funerals, ceremonies, large and small, parties, parades, etc. We can accommodate your needs by supplying a solo piper, drummer to our entire band. There is nothing quite like the sound, color, and excitement of a pipe band on the march.

Contact us to book the band.

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